Wells Fargo

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Reinvigorating a global financial institution / Issue: Needed to signal to the world that it was moving forward / Insight: Heritage of innovation and customer service to shape a future, human-oriented brand / Answer: modernize iconic stagecoach, transform visual and verbal language / The evolved stagecoach is a modern icon designed to live in today’s world—it’s dynamic, innovative, and fluid, and can be easily adapted for different visual contexts. As people interact in person and on screen, the brand can flex accordingly. Testing of the new symbol confirmed that both customers and employees see the updated stagecoach as significantly more modern and dynamic, and reflects a more innovative company changing for the better. Paired with the brand’s other iconic elements – including a refreshed red and yellow, logotype, custom typeface, iconography, digital toolkit, motion principles, and a fresh brand voice – the iconic stagecoach symbol anchors a master identity system that modulates easily for customer segment or business need. / Results The refreshed brand has become a long-term ingredient to Wells Fargo’s success. It’s reigniting 265,000 team members, inspiring them to deliver a more seamless and personal experience for customers. “The result is a powerful signal of real change for team members, customers, and the American public.” - Gary Korotzer, EVP of Marketing and Brand Strategy